Postbiotic Wellness.
Gut Microbiome Support
Age Healthier. Age Stronger.


Our Company

At Postbiotics Inc., we are committed to researching and delivering to all, non-prescription, scientifically proven, affordable and highly bioactive health solutions.

We are convinced that postbiotics are THE pivotal health discovery of our time. We know that postbiotics level the playing-field against a number of age-related conditions. Our commercial-ready ingredients, coupled with a robust pipeline, support proper digestion, brain functionality, neuro-protection, proper mitochondrial function, and strengthened human and animal immunity.

Our Core Values

Fair Minded Science Leads Our Way, Always.


What we say is what we always do.


We are proving daily, that postbiotics are the key to a healthier lifespan, and unlocked in the gut.


Our company’s financial health is critical to sustainable discoveries for better health.


The long-lasting societal and health benefits we gain from postbiotics, must work for all, and be affordable to all.

Our Team

Robert E. Anderson, MBA
CEO & Co-Founder

30+ years experience including CEO for Causa Research, GreatWall Systems and COO for PointDx, created from Wake Forest University technologies

Oversaw $5M+ in capital raises, formation and operation of a wholly owned subsidiary in China, and sale of latter two companies

Hariom Yadav, PhD
CSO & Co-Founder

Director, USF Center for Microbiome Research, Microbiomes Institute, and Associate Professor of Neurosurgery and Brain Repair. 16+ years in microbiome, nutrition and aging-related research. Key Opinion Leader and expert of postbiotic and probiotic discovery and developments. Pioneering leader for gut and brain health, including oversight of clinical trials improving elderly health, and providing answers, from those suffering from gut and brain distress.

Douglas Lynch

25+ years expertise in functional foods, beverages, nutraceuticals, medical foods, cosmetics, pharma and personal care products

Extensive, global experience with sales, marketing and business development with branded and private label alike, for ingredients and finnished CPG